Why buy handmade?


As a small business founded by an independent artist, we pride ourselves on the unparalleled quality of handmade products. Treasure Chestnut products are made specifically for you, allowing for endless customization!

Each item is made under the watchful eye of our founder, so you can rest assured that Treasure Chestnut products are built to last for years to come. 

Buy handmade for impeccable quality, unique design, and a customized experience.

When you buy handmade, you support independent artists and creativity, so you can feel good about your purchases!

Stack of books with a ribbon bookmark inside of one. The bookmark has a cameo charm at the end.

“You can rest assured that Treasure Chestnut products are built to last for years to come.”




Fit and Flare Aprons

These adorable and useful aprons will help you feel ready for guests even when you’re still prepping in the kitchen! It has 4 large pockets for useful storage and ties at the neck and waist for easy adjustments. The ties and trim are made of satin, giving the apron a comfortable feel.

These aprons are available in 8 different prints, with 6 different trim options (secondary color). They come in toddler, child, and adult sizes! All aprons are lined with durable cotton fabric (in white). 




Hand-Embroidered Hats

These beautiful embroidered baseball caps are sure to be a crowd-pleaser and a stable in your wardrobe. I am happy to work with you to create a custom floral design that you’ll love to wear!

The photos shown are of a cap with a full 8-inch wide design, which covers the entire front of the cap above the bill. Prices vary based on size of design.

This listing allows you to choose what color cap you’d like from the list above. However, if you already have a cap you love and want me to embroider it, I am happy to work on it if you ship it to me first.




Nude Silhouette Embroidery no. 1

Minimal silhouette of a person sitting in the nude. Default color of thread is black, but please message me if you would like a different color!

This piece comes in a 7-inch bamboo embroidery hoop, which can be easily hung using a nail or other hanging hardware of your choice. Hardware not included.




Ribbon Embroidered Bouquet

This embroidered bouquet comes in a 7-inch diameter embroidery hoop unless otherwise specified. These are made to order, so if there are colors you want included or to be used more prominently, leave a note and I can do that!

The embroidery hoop makes it easy to hang this piece for a simple way to brighten up any room! Bring an everlasting and unique bouquet into your home with this embroidered beauty.




Two-Tone Chunky Vegan Blankets

These super soft blankets are made with chenille yarn (no wool or other animal products!) and can be made with the 2 colors of your choice. It’s a super cozy throw, the perfect size to curl up under with a good book or movie!

Blanket is 40″x60″




Ribbon Bookmarks

These velvet bookmarks make a great gift for any readers in your life! Ribbon colors can be varied to your preference; pictured bookmark is color option ‘blush’.

Bookmarks measure approximately 12″ from the end of one charm to the other; ribbon is 9.5″ long.

Hand-Bound Journals

Journal open to blank pages.




Hand-Bound Journals

These faux suede-covered journals are the perfect size to throw into a bag, and since they’re lined with vinyl, they’re lightweight but sturdy.  

The journals are entirely hand-sewn and bound, and they feature thick resumé paper for a luxurious feel.