Whether you’re looking for wall art or wearables, we at Treasure Chestnut know that it can be hard to come by pieces that fit the image you have in mind. We’re here to help you get the art you want; we always welcome commissioned projects! Contact us if you want something you don’t see in the shop!


Person viewed from the back, wearing a backwards black cap with floral embroidery above the bill.
Floral embroidered caps! Custom designs available.


So what is fiber art anyway?


Since 2019, we’ve been focused on making beautiful works of art that challenge the frameworks of fast fashion and industrialization. We take pride in our products being handmade with care. 

At Treasure Chestnut, we believe that art can be a medium for improving society. By supporting individual artists and small brands, you help divert money from fast fashion, one of the major industries causing environmental destruction.


A small brown dog sitting on a couch with one ear cocked.
Chestnut, our shop namesake, keeping an eye on the production process.


We’re so glad you asked!

Fiber art refers to fine art that uses natural or synthetic fiber (i.e. yarn, fabric, etc.) as its medium. There are all sorts of possibilities within the world of fiber art!

Historically, embroidery, sewing, and other fiber arts were primarily done by women, leading to the devaluation of this work by society at large. Additionally, increased automation in the fashion industry has revolutionized the ways in which we value clothing.

In the world of fast fashion and mass production, we at Treasure Chestnut believe in the lasting beauty and value of handmade art. Join us in changing the ways we value fiber arts.



Embroidered silhouette of a nude person.


Hand Embroidery

Wall art, hats, shirts, you name it! Contact us for custom designs or choose from the designs available in the shop.


Stack of books with a ribbon bookmark inside of one. The bookmark has a cameo charm at the end.


Ribbon Bookmarks

Looking for an affordable gift for a book lover in your life? Check out our velvet ribbon bookmarks with your choice of charms!


Beige apron with pink and white florals and lace.


Adorable Aprons

Need something vintage-inspired to keep you clean and fabulous in the kitchen? Check out our fit and flare aprons (with pockets!)


Up close of a blue and gray chunky-knit blanket.


Chunky Blankets

Check out our two-tone chunky knit blankets, made with vegan-friendly yarn! These blankets are perfect to keep you warm all winter long.



Maroon baseball cap with an embroidered cloud.

Claudia H.

Check out Camille’s work for the custom embroidery of your dreams!

For years, I wore a maroon baseball cap I got from my university with a giant white ‘F’ on the front because 1) it was free and 2) it was comfy. But I didn’t really feel like walking around with an ‘F’ was ‘my jam’. I mentioned that it would be so cool to replace the ‘F’ with a custom design, perhaps a little white cloud because that’s what my friends call me. That’s when I commissioned Camille’s expert skills to bring my idea to life. They designed and created the perfect hat for me! Now, I get to walk around and rep ~my brand~ and get compliments on it all the time. Camille’s work brings a little extra joy into my everyday!

Person viewed from the back, wearing a backwards black cap with floral embroidery above the bill.

Naveen K.

My custom-embroidered hat from Camille is my favorite thing to wear! The floral design is so pretty, and the variety of stitches and colors make it pop against the black hat. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it, which is a testament to Camille’s care and attention to detail. Definitely support this artist!

About Treasure Chestnut


“Art enables us to both find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

-Thomas Merton


Camille, the founder of Treasure Chestnut, holding their dog, Chestnut, and smiling outside.


I’m Camille, the founder of Treasure Chestnut. I’m a queer Autistic artist with a penchant for vintage fashion!

When I’m not creating fiber art pieces, you can find me traversing the internet as a disabled activist and creator! Find me on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and my blog!


If you’re interested in learning more about the creative process at Treasure Chestnut, head over to the blog! 


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